Thursday, January 3, 2013

We Press on to the Glory of God (3 of 4)

By Andreas Mehrguth
Director, e3 Legacy

January 2013

To put our work this week in perspective, we only need look at our mother churches.  Three out of the four churches had less than twelve adults as we worshipped with them this past Sunday.  The largest church had thirty adults.  All four had been in existence for close to 20 years.  The soil in Cambodia is tough!  As each one of the sites starts to experience breakthroughs, we are truly humbled that God would use each one of us to further His kingdom in a country so desperate for the hope only God can give.

In Pum Veal 1, the Rinke family (David, McKenna and Delaney) had an immediate impact.  God provided as the daily meeting location the village chief's house and, within hours of being introduced to him on Monday, he had accepted Christ.  To top it off, he had been suffering from a tumor in his nasal passage that he was saving money to have surgically removed, and the team acted as a conduit of God's healing power.  Sharing his story of salvation and healing continues to serve as incredible testament of the power of God on High for those within his village.  Both Rinke girls (age 13 and 11) are making a lasting impression with the Cambodian people as they lead many Buddhists to the One True God.  The team in this community was truly an answer to the local pastor's wife's prayers, as she has been praying diligently for the past couple years that her community would be transformed.  It is clear that the preparation and the supporting prayer team from the States have led to God preparing the way for this movement.   

In Srea Ambel 1, Terri, Matt, and Megan have had many opportunities to share share the gospel, but the tradition of Buddhism is strong. While many are interested in Jesus and even believe He is true, the villagers can't picture themselves believing anything different, yet they ask us to return each day and tell them more about Jesus. Only a few people we have encountered have heard anything about Jesus. Matt met a man earlier in the week who suffered physically and only left his home to get medicine. After receiving prayer, he was healed and today went out with Matt and his team to share Christ with several of his neighbors!  Please pray for tomorrow, our last day ministering the gospel and discipling people, that many of our villagers who are wanting to receive Jesus' forgiveness would be able to move past their fear of breaking away from religious tradition and put their faith in Jesus.  We're praying desperately for a breakthrough in Srea Ambel 1.

In Klung, Garrett and Elise have faced a tough battle there. We have been evangelizing throughout the village; however, due to previous bad history between churches and missionaries in the area there has been consistent difficulties. But God will be VICTORIOUS! Over the last two days, we have, through God's grace and His Holy Spirit, been able to share the gospel and the Cambodians have been receptive. There has not been an overwhelming amount of new believers; yet, we have been able to establish discipleship meetings and the new believers are growing. We are looking forward to our last day to see what God will do. To God be the glory. Amen!

The team working in Srea Ambel 2 are starting to experience the fruit of their fervent prayers.  There is a large immigrant population here with most of them concentrated in the area where Joan is working.  A key government leader came to Christ yesterday, and stayed up all night highlighting his Bible in order to have his questions prepared for today's discipleship meeting. Timothy, who is one of our Indochinese e3 leaders, has been invaluable in reaching this section of the community.  Jordan and Kaylee are incredible in forging relationships, and showering love on the people in the community regardless of the opposition.  In one of Jordan's discipleship groups, his national partner shared her heart wrenching testimony.  Thon, who is in her late sixties I think, scampers up and down the hills like a woman half her age.  She had been terribly abused after becoming a Christ follower by her own husband and children.  The women in the discipleship group hung onto every word as she shared how she forgave her family and never stopped praying for them.  Thon's family has been restored one-by-one in response to her never ending prayers.

I'm attempting to proof what I have written, but it is after midnight and my eyes aren't really working so well, so please excuse any typos or grammatical mistakes.  Pray for us to finish strong and in a manner which would bring pleasure and glory to God.  

With love from Kampuchea,

Andreas (for the entire team)

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