Tuesday, January 29, 2013

e3 Legacy Ministry Update - January 2013

As Terri sat with a friend relating to her what we saw God do through our team in Cambodia over the New Year's holiday, she caught herself tearing up as she recounted story after story. Seeing people come out of darkness into light through a commitment to Jesus Christ never gets old; each time is really so sweet. Enjoy some of the stories below. Happy New Year!

Andreas and Terri

Lots of Firsts in Cambodia

Our team of 21 people between ages 11 and 59 experienced lots of firsts in Cambodia: sharing the story of God's love with people who had never heard the name of Jesus, praying with Buddhists to receive Christ, praying over someone for healing and seeing God's miraculous power heal the person, developing a love for people in a far off Asian country who are steeped in idol worship... read more.


You'll notice a new format for our monthly newsletter. While you'll continue to receive stories from the field, we'll include other items that you may find useful. It's designed to provide you the opportunity to take a quick look and find what interests you.


• e3 Legacy is in the process of developing partnerships with family-based ministries to mobilize their constituents to the mission field. Please pray for God's favor with this endeavor.

• Pray for the e3 World Conference taking place in Dallas, February 10-17. Andreas and Terri will be hosting two workshops for e3 Legacy and one training to certify new Legacy leaders.

• Pray for the Cambodians who came to Christ, those who are still considering a relationship with God through faith in Jesus, and the nationals who will be discipling them. 

By the Numbers

947  # hearing the gospel      
271 # professions of faith     
150 # discipleship meetings 
256 # of people discipled (incl. seekers)   

We are so encouraged that over 80 percent of the people who professed Christ began discipleship within days of that profession!


Special Request:  Please consider making a special gift to help with the costs of Andreas and Terri attending the e3 World Conference in Dallas, February 10-17. 

Thank you for partnering with us in Cambodia. Your financial support made the difference. Both Garrett (21) and Jordan (19) were able to go with us over the Christmas break from college... read more.

Upcoming Expeditions

Go international with your family in 2013; make this year the launching point  for your family to become global by sharing God's love.


Not only does e3 Legacy have a new look, but we also have a new blog and
Facebook page. Follow us to read more stories from Cambodia.

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