Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cambodia Update - Wow! (4 of 4)

By Andreas Mehrguth
Director, e3 Legacy

January 2013

One of our translators would become so overwhelmed when we shared at night about the things that God had done during the day that all he could say was, "Wow."  I will never think of the word the same.  
The work this week was difficult as the majority of the people we shared with in the beginning were totally closed to the Gospel.  Well, maybe better said, they were closed to us. The reality was the majority of them had never heard the story of God's love.  Really, you have no idea who Jesus is???  Sharing the Gospel with someone who has never heard the name of Jesus is a phenomenal privilege, a memory that will remain in our hearts.  The last couple of days, we had some major breakthroughs in some of the hardest mission sites, and there were so many who gave control over their lives to Jesus Christ.  

I wish we could have promised them lives of incredible blessings without the hard stuff.  The sad reality, and very real to these new believers, is that the persecution will be severe for them.  Many have already been disowned by their families, and those who remain under one roof will probably be the objects of all kinds of abuse and ridicule.  This is why it was so hard for them to turn their lives over to the one true God.  They are keenly aware of what lies ahead. 

Some of the most radical change occurred in the lives of the pastors and church leaders.  When our e3 Indochinese leaders were making plans for our arrival, they were met mostly with cynicism and doubt.  Many were worn down by years of going it alone.  But, wow, what a change we saw in our meeting on Friday night.  The pastors and new leaders of the house churches were filled with excitement, power, and a vision for what is still to come.  The road for them will not be easy.  We left the pastors with the sobering responsibility of discipling so many baby believers.  Many of the new believers are uneducated and illiterate, and feeding them will be difficult.  However, these new believers are hungry desperately desiring more and more knowledge of their new King.  

Praise be to the King of Kings for all he has done!

Andreas (for the team privileged to serve Him in Kampuchea)

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