Monday, January 21, 2013

Your Support Makes the Difference!

By Andreas Mehrguth
Director, e3 Legacy

Thank you for partnering with us in Cambodia. Your financial support made the difference. 

Both Garrett (21) and Jordan (19) were able to go with us over the Christmas break from college. They each gave oversight as a team leader to the church planting effort in their villages. They have gained incredible experience and discernment over the past 12 years of ministering internationally. 

Because of your partnership, we were able to train the nationals in church multiplication as well as simple discipleship methods. First, they were taught, then they saw it modeled in the villages, next they did it and we observed, then we left them to return to the States as they committed to follow-up with new believers and seekers, since they were now equipped. This week, we received this update from team member Steve:

I just talked to Sok Von, a national doctor who worked with Mark and I all week in our village. He said he and Pastor John met with 3 small groups on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday in addition to church service on Sunday. Praise God!”

So, yes, your investment in the Kingdom continues!

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