Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Greetings from Kampuchia (2 of 4)

By Andreas Mehrguth
Director, e3 Legacy

December 2012

God says that, "His ways are not our ways," and that "He uses the foolish to confound the wise."  Knowing these truths and walking in them are two completely different things.  Our team has been praying for months that God would go before us and that He would prepare the way, but what does that mean and how does that play out?  Our team is breaking new ground in Cambodia.  e3 Partners has been working in Cambodia for about two years, and we have been concentrating on the training of Christian leaders in church planting movements.  Head knowledge is one thing, but having the opportunity to go out and apply these principles is something else altogether.  I mention these things because we were not sure what to expect when we arrived.

Let me start by saying that the Cambodians are beautiful people, very warm and welcoming.  That being said, they are also deeply rooted in Buddhism and the grip on the people is more of a stranglehold.  The reality is that  for them to become followers of Christ is a huge sacrifice.  They consider it an offense to their ancestors and their families to even consider such a change of direction in their lives.  Although they might feel totally hopeless and even agree that the message that we are bringing is true--that Jesus is truth, they still cannot bring themselves to break from their belief system.

Steve was discouraged this morning with the cool response that his team was experiencing today in Pumthemey 1. He, Alissa, and Mitch have had an incredible impact in this rural village, but it has been an emotional and spiritual roller coaster.  The people they are meeting with are torn between what they understand as truth and leaving the deep-rooted traditions of their faith.  Then this afternoon, they experienced a breakthrough as the village leader and his wife both decided to become Christ-followers.

In Pumthemey 2, Mark and Melissa have developed deep bonds within the community as they lift up the needs of the people before God.  The family water buffalo that was feared lost forever, suddenly showed up to the amazement of the whole family and neighbors.  Mark made it clear last night that he does not make a habit of praying for lost oversized cows, but for this family the return of their water buffalo was like recovering a stolen sports car.  Melissa was deeply blessed when she found out this morning that a young pregnant woman that she had shared with earlier this week, privately dedicated her life to Christ as she could not resist His pull any longer.  This young mother-to-be told Melissa that she is naming her child after her; please pray that the baby is a girl!

We are working in two parts of Pum Veal, which is spread out over several square miles.  Pum Veal 2 has been very closed to the Gospel, but this has not slowed Tanner and Rebecca.  Tanner was pressed into service to lead this community when we added an eighth mission site.  Pum Veal is the village of little Hong, the boy with the wound that had begun to gangrene.  I will give you a full update after I visit his family tomorrow.  Tanner, Rebecca, their translators and national workers have fit right into the rhythm of the community.  They and their national partners can be found helping prepare noodles, drawing water for a woman at the well, carrying heavy loads for their new friends, or working the soil in the fields.  I truly believe that God is going to use their servant hearts to break down the spiritual strongholds in Pum Veal 2.  Please pray for them tomorrow as they desire to share the Gospel with the local witchdoctor.  He is a powerful man and the people in the community have said that they fear his wrath if they become followers of Christ.  We know that "greater is He that is within us, than he who is in the world."

I have many more stories to tell and pictures to send, but while your Wednesday has just begun, ours has already taken place and I'm whipped.  The entire team sends their blessings and ask that you continue to hold us up in your prayers. Many people are coming Christ!

With love from Kampuchia,


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