Sunday, December 30, 2012

Morning Dawns in Cambodia (1 of 4)

By Andreas Mehrguth
Director, e3 Legacy

December 2012

The team rose early this morning and excitement was in the air.  Last night we had our opening celebration and our team has grown.  We are now over 70 strong.  Our team of 21 doubled on Saturday when we were joined by our translators.  Then last night we added over 30 national believers who will be going out with us daily.  Our national pastors and the national believers have been very supportive and are anxious to see the strategy come together.  Well, a few of them have some doubts, but we are confident that God is going to reveal His power. 

The vans rolled out this morning starting at 8:45.  We are working in 7 different sites, and in the coming days I will try and send stories regarding the great things that God has done.  I am leaving now to go and visit all of the sites, but I want you to know that we are all healthy and strong.  Please continue to pray that we would walk in the way that God has prepared for us and that we give Him the glory for all that he has done.

Som Break Eng Bro Tean Por from Kampuchia,

Andreas (for the entire team)

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Answers To Questions About Family Mission Trips

Considering a mission trip is probably a step of faith for your family, and you likely have lots of questions.  Addressed here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

What constitutes "family" for an e3 Legacy mission trip?

e3 Legacy is committed to building mission-minded families, so whoever makes up your family, you’re welcome to join an e3 Legacy trip.  These multi-generational trips often include an entire family, a single person, a parent and a youth, a husband and a wife, a grandparent and a grandchild.

How do I know if my family is ready to take an international mission trip? 

First, you do not need to be spiritual giants.  Most people going on an e3 Legacy trip have never led anyone to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, let alone shared the gospel with someone.  Interestingly, most team members think that God is going to use the other people on the team, but they doubt that He can use them.  But since God is simply looking for obedient families, He takes care of filling in the gaps.   Besides, each team member has a translator and notional with them, who can help out as necessary.  If you, as a parent, desire to make a difference for Christ, and your kids are ready for an adventure, God can work through your family.  And no, there’s not necessarily an ideal time to go, mainly because it’s more about God than about your family.  If you’re waiting for your family to be “ready,” chances are you won’t ever go. 

How old do my children need to be to go on a mission trip?

No minimum age exists for participating.  Several factors, however, influence when a specific child is ready for an e3 Legacy mission trip.  Younger children are welcome to go if they can handle seven long days of in-country training and evangelism work alongside a parent, taking turns sharing the gospel with the evangecube as the parent deems appropriate.  For older youth, they work with their family in a specific village all week, but then go out each day in teams of three with their own translator and national.  To date, the youngest child to share a translator with her parent was nine years old, and the youngest child having her own translator was twelve years old.  Contact e3 LegacyDirectors Andreas and Terri Mehrguth for help in determining if your child is ready. 

For more answers to good questions, such as: 

What will be my children's role on the mission trip?  

• You'll How safe is it for my family?

• What kind of training will my family receive?

• Is it really possible for my family to raise the necessary funds to go on a family mission trip?   

Read FAQ's From Families.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Building A Family Legacy

Building a Family Legacy film
What does it take to create a lasting family legacy?  How can we be more intentional about our call to build our own faith and share it with others?  What is more important than the spiritual heritage of our children?

Watch this entertaining and informative video that will answer these questions and more.

 “Creating a Family Legacy” features testimonies from families going on mission with e3 Legacy. Also addressed are some of the obstacles that families face in saying yes to going and the benefits experienced by them when they do.

Witness God working through us and around us.

e3 Legacy is committed to leading family-friendly mission trips to “equip believers to evangelize the lost to establish multiplying churches.” God designed the family unit. 

When families minister together, it profoundly impacts indigenous families, who often are hearing the Gospel for the first time.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adventure and Impact Awaits Families

 We are Called To Model

Jesus modeled godly living for those closest to Him—His disciples. He walked the talk. You, too, can model for your children how to be an ambassador for Christ. Picture your family ministering to another family across the world, only this family is destined for eternal separation from God. As part of the e3 Partners’ family of ministries, e3 Legacy offers families the opportunity to minister together internationally—the next step in creating a spiritual legacy for your family and its future generations.
e3 Partners’ church planting model, patterned after the early church in the Book of Acts, uses prayer, evangelism, and discipleship to plant multiplying churches worldwide. By providing families with tools, specifically the EvangeCube, to share their faith, families become confident communicators of Christ’s message of hope.
Where will the Lord use you in the Great Commission?
Check out the link below to a calendar featuring current e3 Legacy expeditions. Be sure to check back often as more trips are being added.
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We'd love to answer your questions and discover how you and your family can become the hands and feet of Christ, together!  
Contact us HERE.
Photo: Terri and Andreas Mehrguth, e3 Legacy trip leaders, share the Good News to a rapt audience.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

God Went Before Us in Kenya

By Terri Mehrguth
Director, e3 Legacy

God used the prayers and e3 Legacy team's participation to abundantly bless the people in Isiolo, Kenya, with the saving message of Jesus Christ.  The outreach in Isiolo was both effective and strategic in this heavily Muslim area.  A total of 426 people became followers of Jesus Christ with almost 400 of them being discipled daily in homes and at afternoon Bible studies!  Not only that, four new churches were started, all to the glory of God!

I spent two unforgettable hours each day meeting with Mousa and Ralia, a young Muslim couple who were seeking truth.  After receiving the New Testament, Raila said her husband stayed up until 2am reading it. Clearly, God is drawing them to Himself. On the last day, after getting to know this sweet couple, Terri expressed to them she believed God would use them in a powerful way in their community to teach others about Jesus once they profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I wish you could have seen the joy on their faces when Terri encouraged them with her words. They are continuing to study the Bible with the new pastor in their village, and bringing other Muslims with them. Please pray for their salvation.

Kelvin was brought up in a Christian home.  After becoming a Muslim two years ago, he left Islam a few months ago because “there was no spirit,” and then committed hi life to Christ. One of our team members, Mony, shared with him what the Koran has to say about Jesus. He was shocked and proceeded to share that information with his classmates, who are 98% Muslim.  Kelvin’s mother also learned how to share with Muslims using the Koran. Mony encouraged them both that God had a ministry for them with Muslims. Because of you, we were able to equip these Christians to be more effective witnesses in Kambi Ya Juu.  By the way, 60 adults and dozens of children attended the first church service in the village.  To God be the glory!

Helen Fatuma, a young Muslim woman, stopped in at a neighbor’s house just when our team member Sravani was sharing the gospel with the Evangecube. As Sravani left, Helen followed her out and said she was a Christian, but was backslidden.  Her family was unaware that she believed that she was a Christian, which is why she continued to dress as a Muslim. As Sravani spoke with her, it became apparent that she hadn’t understood about forgiveness of sin. Helen went on to place her faith in Jesus alone for her salvation. Sravani and her Kenyan team member began discipling her that day.  The joy Helen’s face could not be contained as she came each day to the pastor’s home to be discipled.

No only did God heal the spiritually lost, but he also healed the physically hurting.  After Julius, a tall man unable to walk for five years after suffering a stroke, received Christ on Monday.  17 year-old Kaylee prayed that God would heal him.  By Tuesday, he walked to the afternoon Bible study, giving all the Glory to god!  Helen Fatuma had been suffering with kidney problems and was healed after coming to Christ.  God will do whatever He wants when He wants to validate the Good News and establish His church!

As we go on mission, pray for those we seek to reach, and give of our time and resources, don't underestimate the huge contribution you are making to God’s kingdom.

We love you, 

Andreas, Terri, Garrett & Jordan

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Only by the Power of God - On Mission in Peru

By Terri & Andreas Mehrguth
Directors, e3 Legacy

Team Peru, made up of 21 people between the ages of 11 and 65 and representing 13 families, returned to the U.A. after being greatly impacted by what God did in and through them.  One team member communicated that he had not anticipated being so personally impacted by the training and work in the field, saying, “This was the most spiritually intense retreat I have ever been on.”

David, who brought his two daughters, McKenna and Delaney, to minister with him in Peru shared about how God went before them.

“My eleven year-old daughter (Delaney) and I had a Bible study scheduled with two non-believers who were seeking the truth.  Upon arriving at their house, only two daughters were home.  Their mother had gone to the market and the dad was at a neighbor’s house.  As we began to head to the neighbor’s house, we were prompted by the Holy Spirit to invite the daughters to come, and we wee obedient.  When we arrived at the neighbor’s house, the elderly woman of the home said she was too busy to meet with us.  We explained that we were there to share the story of God’s love, and she took us to a shady spot to visit.  We shared God’s story with the group, including any children.  The entire group accepted Christ as their Savior!  Once we explained what it meant to be a Christian and how they can grow in their relationship with Christ, the older woman told us she had been praying for a long time that God would send her someone to teach her and bring her to the Lord.

We had played a part in God’s plan for her and were humbled by His use of us in fulfilling her prayer and God's will."

David’s 13 year-old daughter, McKenna, went out each day with her own translator and mother church member, recounts one of her memorable experiences.
“My first mission—Peru 2012—was an amazing experience where God used me and pushed  me!

I was at my first house. We asked permission to share the story of God’s love and she responded “si,” so I did! I shared the gospel with Rosio and her son Edwardo and then asked if they wanted to be followers of Jesus Christ.  She said “si” and that feeling came to me! That feeling of peace, joy and the feeling you are doing something right! I smiled and prayed with her! I scheduled a discipleship meeting for the next day and headed for the next house. But I prayed thanks that the Holy Spirit filled me and used me to His fullest power, and I got that feeling again. 

When I went back to Rosio’s the she brought her husband!

I shared the gospel with him, and he accepted Christ, too! Wow! And that was just one family. I had about 10 more families, too!” After several promptings from the Holy Spirit, team member Bob knew he was to share the story of God’s love with a police officer watching from a distance. After sharing with Rangeel, Bob asked him if he understood what was shared and if had questions.

He had one question dealing with the depth of sin and God’s willingness to forgive us. Bob assured him of the greatness of His forgiveness, and Rangeel readily accepted Jesus as his Savior. Bob then witnessed a great sadness being lifted and a joy coming into his eyes.  A few days later, Rangeel brought two fellow police officers to meet with Bob, so he could share the story of God’s love with them. They, too, became followers of Jesus.  Not only that, but Rangeel also offered a parcel of his property to lift up a church!” 

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think" (Eph. 3:20)  …In us and those we are ministering to. 

Numbers that Reflect Changed Lives 

731 heard the gospel  ~  389 professed faith in Christ                                                     152 discipleship meetings held ~ 238 people had already begun discipleship                                                  
5 new churches planted ~  35 discipleship groups meeting 

Andreas and Terri

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