Monday, October 15, 2012

Only by the Power of God - On Mission in Peru

By Terri & Andreas Mehrguth
Directors, e3 Legacy

Team Peru, made up of 21 people between the ages of 11 and 65 and representing 13 families, returned to the U.A. after being greatly impacted by what God did in and through them.  One team member communicated that he had not anticipated being so personally impacted by the training and work in the field, saying, “This was the most spiritually intense retreat I have ever been on.”

David, who brought his two daughters, McKenna and Delaney, to minister with him in Peru shared about how God went before them.

“My eleven year-old daughter (Delaney) and I had a Bible study scheduled with two non-believers who were seeking the truth.  Upon arriving at their house, only two daughters were home.  Their mother had gone to the market and the dad was at a neighbor’s house.  As we began to head to the neighbor’s house, we were prompted by the Holy Spirit to invite the daughters to come, and we wee obedient.  When we arrived at the neighbor’s house, the elderly woman of the home said she was too busy to meet with us.  We explained that we were there to share the story of God’s love, and she took us to a shady spot to visit.  We shared God’s story with the group, including any children.  The entire group accepted Christ as their Savior!  Once we explained what it meant to be a Christian and how they can grow in their relationship with Christ, the older woman told us she had been praying for a long time that God would send her someone to teach her and bring her to the Lord.

We had played a part in God’s plan for her and were humbled by His use of us in fulfilling her prayer and God's will."

David’s 13 year-old daughter, McKenna, went out each day with her own translator and mother church member, recounts one of her memorable experiences.
“My first mission—Peru 2012—was an amazing experience where God used me and pushed  me!

I was at my first house. We asked permission to share the story of God’s love and she responded “si,” so I did! I shared the gospel with Rosio and her son Edwardo and then asked if they wanted to be followers of Jesus Christ.  She said “si” and that feeling came to me! That feeling of peace, joy and the feeling you are doing something right! I smiled and prayed with her! I scheduled a discipleship meeting for the next day and headed for the next house. But I prayed thanks that the Holy Spirit filled me and used me to His fullest power, and I got that feeling again. 

When I went back to Rosio’s the she brought her husband!

I shared the gospel with him, and he accepted Christ, too! Wow! And that was just one family. I had about 10 more families, too!” After several promptings from the Holy Spirit, team member Bob knew he was to share the story of God’s love with a police officer watching from a distance. After sharing with Rangeel, Bob asked him if he understood what was shared and if had questions.

He had one question dealing with the depth of sin and God’s willingness to forgive us. Bob assured him of the greatness of His forgiveness, and Rangeel readily accepted Jesus as his Savior. Bob then witnessed a great sadness being lifted and a joy coming into his eyes.  A few days later, Rangeel brought two fellow police officers to meet with Bob, so he could share the story of God’s love with them. They, too, became followers of Jesus.  Not only that, but Rangeel also offered a parcel of his property to lift up a church!” 

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think" (Eph. 3:20)  …In us and those we are ministering to. 

Numbers that Reflect Changed Lives 

731 heard the gospel  ~  389 professed faith in Christ                                                     152 discipleship meetings held ~ 238 people had already begun discipleship                                                  
5 new churches planted ~  35 discipleship groups meeting 

Andreas and Terri

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