Friday, January 25, 2013

Tell Me, Again, What Is It You Do?

By Terri & Andreas Mehrguth
Directors, e3 Legacy

While we endeavor to actively engage you in the ministry God’s called us to, over time people forget or become less clear about what niche e3 Partners plays in missions.  Here we will take a few minutes to give you the bullet-points of what we are all about.

e3 Partners Ministry Vision, Mission, Values 

Vision:  Plant a church within access of every person on earth.  

Mission:  Equip God’s people to Evangelize His World and Establish His Church. 

Values:  Global—reaching the unreached.  Biblical—priesthood of the believer.  Scalable—reproducible models.  

Goals:  Equip 10 million believers to evangelize 1 billion people in order to establish 1 million multiplying churches.

Definitions:  Vision is a picture of our desired future.  Mission is what we do.  Goals are to accomplish the vision.  Values are how we accomplish the vision, mission and goals 
e3 Partners’ Mission Statement 

Therefore, the mission of e3 Partners is to…Equip God’s people to Evangelize his world by Establishing his church! 
e3 Legacy’s Role 

As the director of e3 Legacy, Andreas oversees the e3 Partners’ ministry of taking families on strategic international mission trip to fulfill e3 Partners’ mission as well as helping families become effective communicators for Christ as they create a missional legacy for their families.  Personally, Terri and Andreas lead three or four church planting trips each year, while a staff of 18 lead upwards of 30 family trips each year.  Andreas and Terri provide oversight to those ministry leaders as well.

What Others are Saying 

e3 Partners truly is an exceptional ministry.  So you don’t think we’re biased, below is a quote from a recent issue of Mission Frontiers, sponsored by The U.S. Center for World Missions, on of the leading mission think tanks in the world. 
“Poorly prepared teams of people going on poorly­planned and coordinated expeditions at exorbitant cost to sensitive mission fields have often been the norm rather than the exception…  What we present here are not evangelicals on vacation but examples of well-trained short-term volunteers fitting into highly-focused and well-executed long-term strategies in pursuit of ongoing Church planting movements.”  - Rick Wood, editor, Mission Frontiers.

Let us know if you’d like to experience church planting firsthand this year on one of the several planed trips to many locations around the world.  Where is God calling you?
Thanks for your heart and interest in the Great Commission!

Andreas, Terri, Garrett and Jordan 

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