Friday, May 30, 2014

Tatiana Walks

Tatiana, a nine-year-old little girl unable to move her legs at all from birth, had such a sweet tenderness about her. Terri and 16-year-old Taylor met her Monday as she sat in the dirt in front of her home, arms and legs atrophied from lack of use. They didn't have time to share God's story at that moment, so they prayed for her, that God would heal her spiritually and physically. After praying, the team asked Tatiana if she could stand. Taylor shared, "Everyone standing there kept saying 'It's impossible.'" That's when Terri bent down and picked up Tatiana at the waist to see if she could stand. She could not. The team prayed a second time, which is when Tatiana's chest started pounding and a beautiful smile, a smile of joy, came across her face. Terri asked if something was happening in her body, and Tatiana nodded, "Yes."

Patrick and Christian praying fervently over Tatiana
Later that day, Terri returned as promised to carry Tatiana to the children's program. After story time, Taylor's mom held Tatiana, running with her for all the games. The team was fairly certain that this was the FIRST time that this child had ever played running games with the village children. Her joy was overwhelming for the team.

Because of the rain, Taylor wasn't able to meet up with Tatiana on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Patrick's Peruvian national wanted him to share God's story with Gloria, Tatiana's grandmother. As they came to the home, Patrick's translator suggested they pray for Tatiana, so Patrick shares, "I did, but I was lacking the faith that anything would happen. Sure enough, nothing happened." The translator suggested they pray again, so as they prayed a second time, Patrick says, "I felt God's heart for this little girl, how much it hurt Him that Tatiana has not been able to move her legs or walk her whole life. Then I see her legs move, but she could not stand. I was ready to give up, but my translator said we should pray one more time. I prayed and began to cry  for her with God's heart and to pray with a pure and undistracted heart that she be healed." While Tatiana was not physically healed, her grandmother was healed spiritually as she put faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of her sins!

Patrick will never forget how God used him to bring healing to Tatiana both physically and spiritually
As Patrick and his team left the house, he heard clearly in his mind, "Son, your sins are forgiven" from the story of the quadraplegic at Capernaum that he had read to his team that morning: "God was reminding me the order of things by asking in my mind 'How much more miraculous is it that I have forgiven her sins?' I was deeply humbled by the revelation that I had witnessed a miracle far greater than Tatiana's walking. I saw her grandmother receive Jesus! I walked away joyful and praising God that He had spared her, but also grieved that Tatiana still was not walking." 

Taylor went to Tatiana's home shortly after that, not knowing Patrick had just visited them. Taylor shares what happened next: "We were all sitting around the table, and I asked Tatiana how she felt. She responded, 'Very good.' Then, out of nowhere, she says excitedly, 'Grandma, Look!' and Tatiana stood up! I was in shock and couldn't believe my eyes. She then walked across the room with the support of my translator! Soon after that, Patrick and the rest of the team came to Tatiana's house and watched as she practiced her standing and walking. I am so blessed to have met Tatiana and am so excited to meet her again, in our new bodies in heaven." You see, when Patrick returned to train Gloria in how to share her faith, Tatiana became a follower of Jesus!

Taylor and Betty could not believe what God had allowed them to experience
The heart of God is full of compassion. May we all ask God to give us His heart for all people. 

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