Saturday, February 22, 2014

Signs and Wonders in India

"So they remained for a long time, speaking boldly for the Lord, who bore witness to the word of his grace, granting signs and wonders to be done by their hands"  Acts 14:3.

Yes, our team of 19 spoke boldly to the mostly Hindus with some Muslims they met in homes in Mumbai, and the Lord demonstrated His power through them. Here a just a few of the stories.

Terri, Megan and Logan worshiped Sunday morning with a Christian church we were partnering with. Following the service, a man about 70 years old approached the team for prayer. He had been blinded two years earlier when acid got in his eyes; he could see shadows, but that was the extent of his sight. Terri asked if she could put her hands on Sunjit's eyes while the team prayed, and he agreed. After about 30 seconds of prayer, Terri removed her hands and asked, "Can you see? Did Jesus heal you?" He looked around and stated matter-a-factly, "I am 30% better." The team prayed again. Once again he was asked if he was healed, and once again he looked around and stated routinely, "I am 50% better."

At this point, Terri asked him if he would like 100 percent healing. He stated that he did. Therefore, Terri asked him to pray for his own healing while the team prayed alongside him. He prayed, head bowed and lips moving slightly. Again, Terri asked if Jesus healed him, and he informed them he was 60% better. Terri and this Indian man then got down on their knees as together they went to God, asking for 100% healing. Next, he was at 75% healing, then 90%.  Interestingly, he then announced he was leaving. The team was shocked!

"We thought you wanted 100% healing?" Terri asked.

"I do, but I will come back next week," he replied through the translator.

At this point, the team wasn't sure if he was overwhelmed by what God was doing and couldn't process it, so felt he needed to leave, or if the enemy was trying to prevent him from receiving 100% healing. After persuasion from the pastor, he stayed and together we prayed, and his healing was 90% again. And, again, he wanted to leave, but agreed to stay at the pastor's encouragement.

This time after prayer he stated, "I know I'm 95% healed, but I won't know if it's 100% until I try to cross the street." That's a very perceptive statement because in Mumbai you really don't want to cross the street without 100% vision!

To assess the situation, the pastor asked him to read the sign that was across the courtyard on a door about 30 yards away. He read it out loud to the joy and exclamations of himself and the team! What incredible joy filled the room, as together we praised God for His healing and mercy. 

What a privilege it was for our team to pray over so many sick and hurting people
More Wonders of God's Power
Dhananjay, a Hindu who became a follower of Jesus on Wednesday when Lauren shared with him, was overwhelmed by God's forgiveness. He kept asking, "God REALLY forgives my sin, ALL my sin?" We assured him yes, providing scripture to prove it. In fact, in prayer together, we asked God to show him his sin and as God revealed his sin to him, we suggested he take those sins in his mind's eye and mentally lay them at the foot of Jesus' cross. We sat in complete silence for two minutes, and then said amen. When we opened our eyes, you could see the joy and peace emanating from Dhananjay face and eyes. Now he KNEW he was forgiven; the Lord had met him and assured him.

Next we did a Second Bible study with him, using Luke 24:44-49. When he was asked if there was anything he didn't understand, he responded with verse 49: "I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high."

"What does this power mean?" he inquired. The pastor with us started to give him the answer, but Terri asked him to wait.
We then asked Dhananjay, "What happened when you became a follower of Jesus yesterday?"
"My sins were forgiven and when I die, I will go to God in heaven," he responded smiling.
"What else happened?" Terri asked.
"I received the Holy Spirit," he said.
"Correct," she replied. "Now read the verse again."
After he read it to himself, he exclaimed, "The power is holy power!"

Dhananjay (on the right) came to Christ along with his son
Wow! We were all blessed by his insight. Truly, the Holy Spirit is accurately defined as Holy Power. And Dhananjay knows that power is his as a follower of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will reveal many wonderful truths from scripture to him. In fact, he was so amazed with scripture that he stayed up ALL night reading the Book of John, hence he fell asleep the next day during the Bible study!

It is so encouraging knowing that when we leave, these baby believers will be well taken care of by the nationals we are partnering with, and more importantly, the Holy Power will be with them!

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