Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Update from Venezuela: Please Pray!

Dear Friends,

“I know what you are sharing with me is truth. I understand that God loves me and He wants to have a relationship with me. I realize that He was willing to offer up His own Son that I might live forever with Him...but, I won’t accept that gift.” The exact words change slightly, but this is the response that we hear over and over as we share the Gospel with hundreds of Venezuelans.

Pray with us! Pray that God would remove the fear deeply rooted in the hearts of the people we are sharing with. Pray that God would break down the walls of pride keeping these beautiful people from accepting His free gift of salvation. Pray that God would break down every barrier that would keep the Venezuelans from having an intimate relationship with their Creator.

As I write this quick update, my heart aches for Josmaira. Josmaira is a beautiful, intelligent young woman around 20 years old. I found Taylor and her translator Roger sharing with Josmaira and her entire family. There were so many people sitting and listening that I never quite figured out who was who, but I know her 82 year-old grandfather has been a Christ follower for a year now. He desperately wants his whole family to have that same intimacy with his Savior. I could see the battle raging in the heart of Josmaira. She finally told me that if God would call her she would believe. I asked her how much louder He would have to call. He had brought Taylor, Roger, and myself all the way to share His love with her. Her family lives out in the middle of nowhere, and here we were sitting on her front porch. But she could not see the extent that God was going to in order to pursue her.

Join me! Pray that God’s Holy Spirit would soften hearts, that He would draw these precious ones to Himself. Pray that we would present the Gospel clearly and accurately. And please, please pray for Josmaira. Pray that tonight would be the night that she would allow Jesus to take control of her life. God will never force Himself on anyone, but loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

With a heavy heart,
Andreas (on behalf of a faithful team)

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