Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunrise in Venezuela

Dios les Bendiga,

Easter in Venezuela was wonderful! Our team of 18 Americans divided up and worshiped in five different mother churches. Several team members preached for the first time.

Sunday night, we had a celebration with all the mother churches together to launch our work for the week. Joey and Nick, along with two of our nationals, led all 400+ people in worship. Following worship, we divided into our six teams to strategize for the week.

Sunday morning, Mickey, Mike and Aurora had two worship services. Mickey preached twice, while Mike and Aurora shared their testimony.

Bud, Nick, and Savanna, along with Joey’s team of Taylor and Brandon, experienced a Venezuelan sunrise service at 6am (the service actually started at 5am, but I negotiated for 6am) followed by a morning of games.

Bud and Joey did a great job preaching, and the rest of their teams shared their testimonies.

Mackenzie, Ryan, and Audrey had a great time with their worship service. The majority of this church actually walked the team all the way back to the hotel because they felt bad about not having a vehicle to take them back.

Terri and Aubrey enjoyed the morning with a great Easter service, then challenged this little church with the vision that they had for them. The church agreed that it was from God and have moved out in a powerful way to reach a new community about an hour from the hotel.

I have heard only great things about the message that Tim brought for their Easter service. Anna and Michele each had the opportunity to share their story with the congregation, as well.

I apologize, as I tried to get this update out all day Monday, but I was unable to connect to the Internet. I already have more stories to tell, but they will have to wait until tomorrow, because I am going out to visit five more sites right now. God is so good! Pray that He makes the rough places smooth and that we would be faithful in the task that he has given us.

Dios les guarde,
Andreas (on behalf of the team serving Him in Venezuela)

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