Friday, March 15, 2013

Friends from a Distance

By Terri Mehrguth

Life is a journey and it’s crucial to have people who guide you in wisdom and other truths. Sometimes those people are family and close friends, while others are “friends from a distance.” Well, Andreas and I recently returned from Colorado Springs where we were interviewed by someone who has been that friend to us, one we hear from through the airwaves – Dr. James Dobson, an icon in Christian family ministries.

In early February, we learned that Dr. Dobson and his son, Ryan, wanted to interview us about e3 Legacy – Families on Mission for the Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk nationally syndicated radio program. In fact, e3 Legacy has been selected as an official partner of Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, and you can find us on his website under “Partners.”

On March 4, we sat down with Dr. Dobson and Ryan before going into the studio and got to know each other on a personal level. As the conversation developed, it seemed appropriate for me to share our family’s journey.

“Dr. Dobson, I feel like I grew up with you.”

“Really? No one has ever said that to me.”

“Let me explain. I came to Christ at 25 years old when Andreas shared the gospel with me. We were married one year later and then had our sons, Garrett and Jordan, several years after that. That’s when I found you. I would listen to you on the radio as you shared your wisdom about marriage, parenting, homeschooling, and so much more, from a biblical worldview. Because of what you and others shared about homeschooling, Andreas and I decided to school our sons at home.”

“Did you hear my interviews with Dr. Raymond Moore on homeschooling?”

“Of course!” and we both smiled as we reflected back to those early days.

“Dr. Dobson, you also impacted our family in another significant way about 16 years ago.”

“What do you mean?”

“You did a program about the importance of the role of the Christian church in ministering to widows and orphans. God used your program and one by Dr. Larry Burkett to encourage our family to begin and to run a single-parent ministry at our local church.”

Dr. Dobson smiled.

“Now, here we are sharing with you about how God has used our family to serve other families in taking the gospel to the lost around the world through short-term mission trips.”

And then the tears just rolled down my cheeks as I sat in awe of God and how He weaves our lives together with like-minded people, all for His glory.

Check out e3 Legacy on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk.

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