Thursday, September 25, 2014

Through Their Eyes

God continues to meet us and our team members as we step out in obedience. Often He is working in us on a personal level and as a vessel for what He wants to do in someone else's life. Here is just a sampling of what impacted some of our team.

Julia, a wife and mother with two children in college, shares about her encounter with a teacher:

"The Lord healed many people physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Praise God!! In the village of Taragana, Biswanath, a junior high school teacher, accepted Christ! He then stood up and preached to his neighbor, who promptly accepted Jesus at that moment! When our team returned for a discipleship meeting, Biswanath explained that he told his principal about Jesus and that the principal was so excited to hear this Good News that he coming to Biswanath's home that afternoon to be discipled.  It is amazing to see the multiplication process in action from believer to new believer and so on!

We encountered many who had never heard the Gospel, and this experience taught me that we must continue to GO!  The Lord has so blessed us here in America that without those who give generously many would not have had the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Thank you so much for your hearts that made room for people you haven't even met, in a country you probably won't visit, to pray faithfully for their souls."

Byron brought his family of four to serve together, and here he shares a lesson God was teaching him through this work in Nepal:
"There were so many dramatic, powerful and amazing experiences; it often felt like we were living through the book of Acts, which really helped me to settle on what impacted me the most--hearing God speak! Several months before the trip I was given a teaching series about “Hearing From God”. I started the uncomfortable process of being still, being quite and listening for God to speak.  However, with a mind that has random ideas like a bouncy ball, an unpredictable work schedule, two busy boys and a wife who has never heard of down time, I only started to scratch the surface before the trip.

While on the trip, God had an amazing habit of putting me into situations where I was outside of my comfort zone with no experience or knowledge to pull from in order to move forward. In other words, if He did not say or do something, NOTHING would happen! It is really amazing how when I allow God to place me in situations where He must show up, He does! I was recently told that the most important scale by which to measure the effectiveness of a mission trip isn’t the amount of souls saved or bodies healed. Those are God’s responsibility and that fruit is in His time. The most important measure of a mission trip is “are you closer to Jesus, do you know Him better than you did at the start”? So for me, hearing God speak was the most powerful experience of my trip and left the largest mark on my life as a follower of Jesus.  God still speaks; all I have to do is be quite and listen!"

Nathalie built a close connection with Marwin, a young mother in her village: "My team and I met Marwin on Tuesday. She was very kind and opened her home to us instantly. We noticed that her leg was wrapped and found out her leg had been fractured when an ox ran into her. We prayed for her leg and each time we did she felt the pain decreasing. She was able to get up with her cane, which she wasn’t able to do before! I proceeded to share the Gospel with her using the EvangeCube. Her eyes were locked and engaged in the story. I extended the invitation to receive Christ and there was no hesitation. We went through the salvation prayer together and immediately set up a time to meet the following day to study the Bible. At the end of the day, she made her way down from the top of the hill to attend our children’s program. As we were walking out of the village for the night, she was already sharing her testimony with her friends! I was so encouraged! Now fast-forward to Friday, our last day in the village. I went to say good-bye to Marwin and her neighbor, who also accepted Christ earlier in the week. I’ll never forget what she said to me: “Thank you for coming to Nepal to share Jesus with me. I will see you again in heaven.” I was so touched by her gratefulness that I held her and we cried together."

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