Friday, May 31, 2013

Fasting Testimonials

Fasting presents pleasant surprises. Won’t you join us in one of our upcoming fasting opportunities? Share your experience with us like Rebecca and Alissa do below.

“I am 30 minutes from finishing up my fasting here in Texas. I was SO skeptical about doing this, but trusted that God would help me. He did. Every time I felt hunger pains or puny, I prayed. I prayed way more than I ever do and it was a great day! Thank you for presenting me with this challenge. I am so excited for the trip and grateful that I get to be a part of it and that I get to meet so many wonderful people!”
– Rebecca, age 30

“My fasting experience was incredible. My entire life group (small Group) did it with me to support me. We didn’t do the whole 12 hours because some people needed to take medicine and I had a huge math test, so I had some almonds before the test and they ate bread with their medicine. The idea was still intact; every time my belly growled, I prayed for my own heart, the people on the team, and the people of Cambodia. Also, our speaker at church this weekend was speaking on human nature and used what happened in Cambodia as one of his examples. I learned more about what happened and so did most of my prayer support group, and it lit a fire of prayer under us.”
– Alissa, age 16

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